"I worked with Ian while we were both at VMLY&R NY. And he was great. Not only is he a supremely talented editor -- he's also an extremely nice guy. And when you're in an edit booth late at night or over the weekend working on some high-stress pitch video -- you need an editor with both those traits. He made the work look great, and he kept the whole process fun. Hopefully our paths will cross again soon."

Justin Ebert, Creative Director at VMLY&R

•    •    •

"Ian is a great editor who always delivers, and always has a smile on his face. I've worked with him on case studies, mood films and more. Not only have I always enjoyed the process, but (most importantly) I've always come out with a great piece of film at the end of it. All thanks to his work ethic and craftsmanship."

William Lowe, Creative Director at Droga5

•    •    •

"I had the pleasure of working with Ian at BBDO. He was brought on to be editor for a FedEx project creating socially digestible videos to enter the conversation surrounding their PGA sponsorships.

At the time I had no art director partner, and entrusted Ian and his creative ability to not only edit, but create 30 second spots from a huge dump of content provided by the PGA. Ian meticulously sifted through all the footage. And, for each video, four in total, he provided the clients and I with three different cuts he felt worked the best.

Very receptive to feedback, the two of us curated four videos together in a creative process that was a breath of fresh air compared to other video editors I've worked with.

His creative vision and editing abilities allowed the client to gain a foothold in the conversation surrounding their sponsorship and were some of the best performing pieces on their social channels. By stepping up in my time of need of visual creative guidance he greatly exceeded any expectations I could have asked for.

I look forward to more projects in the future where Ian and I could work together, and would recommend him to anyone looking for a fantastic video editor."

Jonathan Bowker, Copywriter at BBDO New York

•    •    •

"I've hired Ian many times to edit projects, sometimes on tight deadlines with large Clients. He is always happy to help in whatever way is needed (whether it be an on-air spot, internal campaign, or online video.) My team loves working with him, and he has always provided quality work."

Rosanne Raposo, Freelance Senior Producer

•    •    •

"Ian is a very fast, but diligent editor who I recently had the pleasure of working with. While working with Ian I found him to be patient, and very helpful in finding creative solutions to any issue that came up. Ian is someone I would recommend if you are looking for a very well rounded editor."

Perry Kornblum, Executive Producer at MullenLowe U.S.

•    •    •

"Ian is a go-getter, he's a can-doer, and he's very adept at empowering his producer partners. He's always looking to make things better, what else could you want in a creative editor?"

Jeff Wolfe, Senior Post-Producer at R/GA

•    •    •

"Working with Ian is always a pleasure. No matter how short a deadline may be, or how tricky an edit may become, Ian has a way of remaining level headed, buttoned up and super pro. He works with diligence and in a most resourceful manner. Should you be looking for a great editor, but would also like the process of working together to be friendly, efficient and on-point, then I highly recommend contacting Ian."

Scott Matz, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Thornberg & Forester

•    •    •

"It was a pleasure to work with Ian. He didn't hesitate to make creative decisions when needed and had terrific room generalship. I hope to have him back very soon!"

Jeff Williams, Senior Post Producer at Hogarth Worldwide

•    •    •

"I worked with Ian on a few projects and I can tell you... he has an eye for this sh*t. He's a really good editor, he has a great knowledge of production and overall he's a great guy. All the projects we worked on together were smooth and easy. Hope our paths cross again."

Guto Monteiro, Creative Director at VMLY&R / 1 of Adweek's 100 Most Fascinating People in Marketing, Media and Culture, 2019.

•    •    •

"Ian has a great editing eye, hard working and always with a smile on his face. Relentless, passionate, and he never stops until the edit is right! top editor, top person."

Victor Monclus, Creative Director at Droga5

•    •    •

"Ian is AMAZING. Worked with him at Droga5. Not only he is very talented and has great attention for details, but he also has a great positive attitude and he's fun to be around. Hope to work with Ian again in the near future."

Frank Garcia, Senior Creative at GUT

•    •    •

"Ian has an eye for quality material and a great personality. He is quick on turn around, consistently delivers editorial support that my clients love and works well in a collaborative environment."

Lukas Huffman, Director at Huffman Studio

•    •    •

"Had the pleasure of working with Ian on several edits at Droga5. He had everything you could ask for in an editor: intuitive choices, fast work, and a great disposition. Hope our paths cross again!"

Colin Lord, Senior Copywriter at Vimeo

•    •    •

"Ian is a very open-minded editor and is a pleasure to work with. He created work that had the subtlety and nuance that we were looking for. I'd happily work with him again."

Paul Meates, Creative Director at Droga5

•    •    •

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Ian. It was a tight turnaround, as it always is, but the project came out even better than we could have hoped thanks to him. Can’t wait to work with Ian again soon."

John Clement, Freelance Creative Director/Art Director

•    •    •

"Worked with Ian on a project while at Droga5. Fast, on it, professional -- and an all around nice guy. Would definitely work with him again."

Dan Giachetti, Freelance Creative Director/Writer

•    •    •

"I worked with Ian several times over the years on a variety of video projects at Droga5, where I was Associate Creative Director. Ian was always a pleasure to work with. He was always very reliable, had strong instincts, worked quickly and always took direction and feedback very well. He’s also a really nice guy. I was always happy to hear that he was going to be the editor assigned to our projects."

Brian Eden, Creative Director at FIG

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